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Driven by a desire to photograph the joy of the human condition, I have been documenting both the important and ordinary moments of life for 20 years in Southern California. I love photographing people and always bring laughter and artistic flair to my sessions. 

I have many years of experience working as a photographer and writer,  but always keep it fresh by loving life, taking risks, and having new experiences. In 2011-12,  I spent a year backpacking through South America with my husband and teenage daughters. We loved it so much, my husband and I returned in spring of 2020 to live part-time in Bogota, Colombia. 

I have a BA in Communications/English and  an AS in Social Media Marketing. I worked as a news photographer in my twenties, photographing professional sports, politics and news events. In my 30s, I was the co-founder of sun-dance photography, which I sold to work more independently and slowly. I have worked with and trained some of the best photographers in Southern California. I'm thrilled you are taking the time to view my work and would love to connect with you. 

Some of my loves include: travel, racing sailboats, reading, hiking and yoga. 

Currently based in Bogota, Colombia. 

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